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Adrienne - 2023Finance & Personnel Assistant

Since 2008

Who I am:

I enjoy good conversation, eating with friends, a well-crafted matcha or chai tea latte, and sleeping in. I also like to learn new things, particularly by means of watching an engrossing documentary. I've reflected a lot recently that I would have made a great concierge. And a terrible coffee drinker.

What I do:

I am grateful to be a part of serving the Body of Christ at Bridgeway by serving our staff. The Lord's purposes can be mysterious, and sometimes He reveals them through paying bills, writing checks, and processing payroll.

What God did:

I accepted Jesus as my savior as a child, but it wasn't until my 20's that I realized I hadn't let Him be Lord of my life. I wasn't running from Him; I just wasn't pursuing Him. Consequently, when life got hard or lonely, it was a struggle to have hope. But God is gracious, and the Holy Spirit used one of those lonely times to remind me of the One who is always there, and from that point, I started seeking out Jesus and letting Him guide my decision-making instead of just trying to do it on my own. Since then, although there have still been hard and lonely times,  I can always look to Jesus for friendship, the Bible to understand what to do, the Holy Spirit for discernment and power to do it, and my Heavenly Father for security.