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Ami - 2023Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Since 2019

Who I am:

I grew up in NE Oklahoma as the middle of 7 children to amazing parents who taught us all to glorify God in all that we pursued. In 2020, I married Joseph Moreland and we have one daughter, Hadassah Ruth. Our family enjoys being outdoors, cooking, reading books, and studying Scripture. I am also part of the Bridgeway Biblical Guidance team and love helping women see God at work in their lives. In my spare time, you can find me singing along to that moment's choice of music, whether it is Veggie Tales, Southern Gospel, Christian Bluegrass, or Sovereign Grace.

What I do:

I love supporting others in their life's journeys which drives my passion in daily serving Bridgeway's pastors, staff, and community. In addition, I am fulfilling a life-long dream of serving the local church beyond the weekend.

What God did:

Though it may seem small and insignificant, when I was younger I would often hide my smile because of my very crooked teeth. I wished they were straighter, but my family was unable to afford braces. I remember asking the Lord to straighten my teeth and He so kindly straightened them over a short amount of time without any outside assistance! I have even been asked by dental hygienists if I had braces when I was younger. It has been a joy to say, "not technically, but I prayed and asked the Lord to straighten them and He did!" His kindness to care for my "little concerns" is a constant reminder that He cares about every facet of my life, not just the "big concerns".