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Ashley 1
Pastor of Children's Ministries

Since 2008

Who I am:

I have been Jesse's bride since 2002 and mother of 4, Aidan, Amelia, Ani, and Aulden. I love hiking, playing games, eating good food, reading, humor, and people. 

What I do:

I absolutely LOVE seeing people fall in love with Jesus and come alive in who they were created to be through the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray our children would know they're loved and valued as important members of our church body. I pray the Holy Spirit develops in our kids a strong and unwavering understanding and trust in the gospel and that they are so overflowing with love and worship for our God that it pours out to others!

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I felt rejected and rebellious. Then I met Jesus and received His forgiveness and healing and turned and followed Him. Now I feel fully loved and completely free!