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Revelation Series Begins

April 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

We've started our series of studies in the book of Revelation!

This bizarre book has one primary and profoundly simple theme or big idea: God wins! That is why I have entitled this series of messages on Revelation: The Triumph of the Lamb. This remarkable and challenging book explains to us how God rescues and redeems his people, defeats Satan, routs evil, transforms creation, and eventually and eternally dwells among us forever.

I can’t conceive of another book of Holy Scripture more relevant to our day. But that isn’t because it provides us with a blueprint for events at the end of history. If you think Revelation was given to answer all of your speculative questions about current events and when Jesus might return, you will be sorely disappointed by this series of sermons.

Revelation is in our Bibles to reassure suffering Christians of all ages that God wins. Its focus is the unimpeachable and irresistible sovereignty of our great Triune God in his determination to bring his people into everlasting joy in the new heavens and new earth. To the degree that you have been led to think otherwise is indicative of how far removed the church today is from the teaching of Revelation.

Christians are deeply divided on how to interpret the book. My view doesn’t go by any particular name, but contends that Revelation portrays through vivid and often bizarre symbolism the entire course of events throughout the history of the church from the ascension of Jesus Christ in the first century all the way to his Second Coming.

In other words, as we will see the deeper we go into the book, the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments are trans-temporal in that they describe the on-going, increasingly intensified conflict between the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of Satan at any and all times. These judgments are not reserved for the end of history, immediately preceding the Second Coming. They do, indeed, describe that period of time, but they also portray what has happened in centuries past as well as what is happening today.

I hope and pray you enjoy the journey. I know I will!

Sam Storms
Lead Pastor of Preaching and Vision


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