Blueprints is our 2-week covenant membership class. In this class, you'll learn about the biblical call for believers to commit themselves to membership in a local church, what membership looks like at Bridgeway, and meet the elders who will commit to care for and watch over you, equip you for ministry, and seek your growth in godliness.

Despite what many of us in the Bible Belt may have encountered, Covenant Membership is not a badge of accomplishment or shackling yourself to abusive authority. Here's what we're asking:

If you call Bridgeway "home"...

We are asking you to join yourself to other Christian men and women. We are asking you to commit yourself to pursue godliness together and to live in relationships of mutual accountability and encouragement. We are asking you to identify yourself as a vital, contributing partner in this community of faith. This isn’t about someone’s control over you, but your commitment to others.

For more information about covenant membership, visit this page

The next 3 dates for Blueprints are:

August 20 & 27, 2017  | Sundays, 9am
Nov 30 & Dec 7, 2017 | Thursdays, 6:30p
March 4 & 11, 2018 | Sundays, 9am

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