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Brian's Story

God called our family to an incredible mission this year. One that would test our faith, our marriage, and even my life.

Prophecy had be spoken on our lives multiple times during the two years leading up to this past Summer, and in June of 2013 these prophecies began their fulfillment. So we embarked on the longest and most difficult journey of our life, a journey where it was our purpose to tell the world stories of hope amidst suffering, and with our first steps, Satan began launching his attacks.

Satan used the many late nights and early mornings to sow seeds of discontent in our marriage, but God restored us. Satan sent his dark spirits to attack my family, but God drove them all away. And then Satan attacked my mind and heart. On nights too many to remember, I was awoken by panic attacks and high blood pressure. I felt my pulse throbbing in my neck, and feared that my heart would explode at any minute. So I began fighting back on my own. Diet and exercise did not help. Breathing and meditation did not help. I can honestly say that I thought death was imminent.

On February 2nd, Sam preached on hope and rejoicing amidst suffering--the very theme of the mission that God had called us to. As his message wore on, the panic and the blood pressure surged. Satan did not want truth to enter. Once the message drew to a close I felt a distinct, unmistakeable prompting from the Holy Spirit to ask Sam to pray for me. So I did. And God followed through.

Sam did not know my symptoms, so the Lord put Sam's hand on my chest while he prayed. Sam did not know my fear of death, so the Holy Spirit prompted him to ask God to give me peace. Sam could not take away my affliction, so my God did.

I walked away with a slow and steady heartbeat. A man at peace. A man healed. Praise God.

-Brian Cates

(submitted 2.17.14)