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BridgetMobilization Team Care

Since 2020

Who I am

I grew up in Branson, MO, and then moved to Denver to study Global Studies at Colorado Christian University. It was there that I also met my husband Shane. We got married in 2009, and now have 5 kiddos. (Gabi, Josi, Madi, Liam, and Javen). We moved to Oklahoma in 2014, and have been at Bridgeway ever since. Until recently I was a full-time homeschooler. But over the past few years, our family has stepped into Mobilization and through that, the Lord opened a door for me to be able to have more of an official part-time role on the mobilization team. As a family, we love to spend time outside, play games and explore new places. 


What I do:

The Lord has always given me a desire to learn about and enjoy other cultures and languages, but also a love of caring for others. Once we realized how many of those cultures around the world had no access to the Gospel, the Lord strengthed that love of cultures to also want to see them blessed with the Good News. We have the pleasure of equipping others to be the feet on the ground, and I get to come alongside them and our mobilizers to provide care as they navigate all the challanges along the way.

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I had a lot of fear and felt pretty worthless. Then I allowed Jesus to really be the king of my life and realized that He sees me as worthy, that He is my strength in times of fear, and I can lean on Him in those times.