DavidDeacon of Hospitality

Since 2022

Who I am:

I married my best friend in college, and every day I learn more about how much God loves me through her. We are in the 'adult kid' stage of life, and while our nest is not totally empty yet, we are rocking our fifties together and enjoying this season of life. We love walking and going to the gym together and we like to support local restaurants and try new places. I've worked for Hobby Lobby for 32 years, where I get to be creative, but also get to explore the spreadsheet side of my brain.

What I do:

I was moved to sign up to be a greeter after Steve Logan and Justin Meyer shared their testimonies about serving one day. I figured, "okay, greeter will be easy", so that is what I picked. I didn't know that God would open my eyes and show me the hurts that so many are carrying. I was even more aware of it because I had been in the same place before I got freedom.

You come to church because you are supposed to. You try to get in and get out as fast as you can. No eye contact. Avoid talking. Steer WAY clear of the pastors, as surely they can see the junk you have weighing you down. Just get to the seat as fast as you can. I know this person because I was this person. The weight you carry only digs the rut deeper, and in quoting a pastor friend, "A rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out." A smile disrupts the enemy's pattern of ruts. Kindness interrupts the cycle of ruts. Infectious Joy stops the enemy in his tracks.

Serving on the hospitality team is not just about saying good morning. It is spiritual warfare with an enemy that wants us to remain unseen and unheard, and feel undeserving. We never know when a kind word or a smile will be just the thing a person needs that day.

What God did:

I used to never lift my hands in worship. I would try, but I would feel so fake and forced, and thought surely people were looking at me and thinking I'm a nut or doing it wrong. Then I took the Thursday night Inner Healing and Freedom classes and saw some of the unforgiveness and ungodly lies that I was carrying. I went further, did the Inner Healing and Deliverance sessions, and was able to shed layers of junk that were weighing me down. I've not fully arrived yet. It is still a process. But the lightness of the Holy Spirit is intoxicating, and now it feels wrong not to lift my hands in praise!