In January 2020, we launched our first-ever community-wide bible reading plan and quickly discovered the joy and value of reading the bible TOGETHER in community. In year one, we read through the entire Bible together, getting a big picture view of God's word. In year two, we practiced Beholding & Becoming like Jesus by reading the Gospels and Acts together. This year, we are going to practice a simple and reproducible method of discovering God in his word, and learn how to become disciples who make disciples.


What is Discovery Bible Study?

Discovery Bible Study (or DBS) is a discipleship tool that allows people to read the Bible and discover what it has to say. This simple practice consists of reading a section of scripture and answering a few essential questions. These simple, engaging questions allow participants to understand the character of God, encourage them to obey what they are learning, and help them to share it with others.

DBS is an easy and meaningful way to read the Bible - on your own or in a group, and especially with friends who do not know Jesus. This method of study relies on the Bible itself, rather than a study guide or leader, and is a great way to share the good news of Jesus and make disciples in an interactive, Holy Spirit-Led format. The goal every time we open the Word is to have an encounter between God’s truth, and our heart. Pray for God to open our eyes and reveal Himself to us through His Word!


Why are we doing Discovery Bible Study?

Three simple reasons, let's look at this through our mission statement…

1. We exist to exalt Christ in the city through joyful satisfaction in Him.

One of the primary ways we get to know God is through his Word. The DBS method encourages us to look at the text and see what it tells us about God, his character, and how he interacts with us. Getting to know God through his word, fuels our joyful satisfaction in him. 

2. We value Gospel Centrality and Word & Spirit.

Looking at the text and asking these simple questions - what does it say about God? What does it say about man? and How do I obey? - is an invitation for the Holy Spirit to transform us by the Word of God. It allows the Bible (not the culture, our experiences, or opinions) to have the final say as we obey Jesus and His word.

3. We are a diverse spiritual family of Commissioned Disciples...

We want to be disciples who make disciples. Learning to read God's word in a simple and reproducible way equips us to easily invite others to read the bible together, without the pressure of having all the right answers. We get to look to the Bible together for answers and trust the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts.


How do we follow along?

There are 3 easy ways to join us. You can start anytime without "catching up". Just read the passage, and answer the questions individually, in your families, or groups.

1. Sign up to receive a reminder in your inbox. We'll send a simple email every Monday morning with a link to the week's reading and questions for discussion.


(If you were previously signed up to receive the Beholding & Becoming emails in 2021, you're already in! These will come from connect@bridgewaychurch)

2. Download the PDF of the 2022 Bible Reading Plan. Print and keep it in your bible, hang it on your fridge, or save it to your device for easy reference.


3. Follow along on Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) to engage with the wider community of Bridgeway for encouragement and thoughts from the Bible Reading each week.