Dean - 2023Lay Elder

Since 2016

Who I am:

I grew up in OKC and went to Putnam City North High School. I married Leah and we came to Bridgeway in 1996 and now have five children. We served as missionaries in Istanbul from 2007-2009 with PIONEERS. I am a family physician and we have been involved in small group ministry since coming to Bridgeway. Leah homeschooled our children and they now attend Bethany public schools. We love to worship and experience diverse cultures, meet new people, and help them go deeper with Jesus. 

What I do:

I love being an elder so that I can see the needs of our flock and help direct our resources to meet them. Getting to hear what God is doing in our body is encouraging and I enjoy taking that message back to his people to guide and shepherd them. I want to know the Lord's vision and join with others who are seeking it to confirm it for our future.

What God did:

When I was 13, I loved politics and enjoyed debating with people with opposite views. It was fun for me, but probably not so fun for them since I was pouring out pride and hate while deceiving myself into thinking I was being eloquent and logical. It did not last long, however, before God told me, "you cannot love me and hate them at the same time." I would like to say that was an easy choice, but for sure a part of me had to die to move on from there. Has God ever asked you to take up your cross to follow Him?