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The Christian life is a journey towards ever-increasing conformity to the image of Christ himself. Discipleship points to this progressive spiritual transformation of becoming more like Jesus in every way.


Informed and transformed by the Scriptures

Genuine spiritual maturity can only be attained as we are taught and informed by the revelation of God in Scripture and thereby transformed into a people passionate for His name and satisfied with all that he is for us in Jesus. We affirm not only the inspiration of the Scriptures but their life-changing, sin-killing power, and thus regard the Bible as central and foundational to all we believe and do as a church.


Cultivating the fruit of the Spirit

Christian maturity is largely defined by the degree to which our lives manifest the fruit of the Spirit. We strive, therefore, by the grace of God at work within us, to cultivate the virtues of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.


Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual growth is a struggle, and one that requires dedication, focus, and self-sacrifice. Through spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, solitude, silence, reading and meditation on the Word, worship, serving, journaling, and the stewardship of our time, we aim to deepen our relationship with the Lord.


Persevering prayer

Although it is itself one of the spiritual disciplines, we put a special emphasis on prayer in all its many expressions such as intercession, petition, and thanksgiving. We especially value prayer for healing, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional.


Hearing God's voice

Central to growth in intimacy with God is hearing his voice, first and fundamentally in Scripture but also in the many ways he speaks to us as his children, whether in revelatory gifts or in personal communion and prayer.