Donna Castleberry-finalWonderfully Made Coordinator

Since 2011

Who I am: 

Chris and I met at Bible college in Bethany, OK, and got married in 1999. We have three kids - an amazing daughter and passionate twin boys. The joy of my life, besides Jesus, is my family! My hobbies are simple - I like to cook and experiment in the kitchen, play board games and plan things (parties, events, game nights, whatever!)

What I do:

There is no greater joy for me than walking alongside and praying with someone as they experience the healing, restoring, life-giving presence of our great God! Those with special needs often have various unique responsibilities and challenges that sometimes leave our families feeling isolated and alone. Every Sunday, I desire to provide a safe, loving, understanding environment for parents to bring their kids to be taught about the love of God; so that they can rest, be restored, and be filled with God's power and presence. It is my joy and honor to be entrusted in community with these amazing families. I get to pray with them, encourage them, visit them (often in the hospital), send meals, and walk beside them as they face the challenges that life with a child with special needs presents. I am passionate about creating a community that can surround and support our families and educating others about the challenges that our families of individuals with special needs face.

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I was paralyzed with anxiety and mistrust. But God met me in my weakness and heard my heart's cry for deeper intimacy with Him. His truth brought healing that gave me freedom to live in confidence of my identity in Him and share His word whenever and with whoever He calls me to.