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Eddy 1
Pastor of Care 

Since 2002

Who I am:

Carolyn and I have three children (Hannah, Evan & Jed) and two grandbabies (Saylor and Crew). We have been married since 1989. When not working with Bridgeway folks, we spend a lot of time with our kids' families and doing hands-on projects both inside and outside.

What I do:

I feel called to help our church not leave anyone behind and help equip and facilitate our people who feel the same calling to find energizing ways to walk in the power of the Gospel to care for everyone.

What God did:

I thought I could be good enough for God and that by being good, God would afford me the things in life that I wanted. "He would help me if I helped him." But God revealed my hidden sin and the religiosity that held me captive. At summer camp before 9th grade, the Father convicted me of my separation and how I could only depend on who Jesus is and what he has done by his death and resurrection.