ElijahExecutive Director of Convergence Ministries

Since 2022

Who I am:

I grew up in the PCA, dual majored at Covenant College in psychology and philosophy. I deployed in 2004 and returned to marry Alison. I was a Vineyard pastor for seven years and was called to Bethel. I went through 3 years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry made a documentary called Send Proof, and authored Leading Ministry Time. During that time, I got dual masters in Apologetics and Science and Religion from Biola. In 2022, God called me to Bridgeway. Currently, I am seeking a TH.D with Global Awakening Theological Seminary, and I co-lead a course with Remnant Radio.

What I do:

I feel the reason God put me on this earth is to equip the international church to become Word and Spirit. I love working with elders of churches to help them see that goal become a reality and to develop the next generation of leaders in ministry school. I feel like God created my dream job as I get to spend my days with the amazing team at Bridgeway.

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I had PTSD so bad I had difficulty getting out of bed. I felt deeply depressed. But God taught me how to believe His word, and I was radically transformed. Today I am a different man.