What are Spiritual Disciplines? 

Spiritual Disciplines are habits, practices, and rhythms that cultivate spiritual growth in a disciple’s life. When centered on God instead of self-effort, spiritual disciplines produce the fruit of Christ-like transformation. 

During the months of JULY & AUGUST 2021, we are focusing on the Spiritual Disciplines of Evangelism as part of our church-wide discipleship plan, Beholding & Becoming.

Evangelism is sharing the good news through the word (spoken gospel) and deed (the gospel in action). The discipline of evangelism is actively preparing, seeking and creating opportunities to share the good news with others. 


Below is a curated list of resources on Evangelism designed to help you grow. Revisit these articles, podcasts & videos anytime, and share with a friend!


How to Prayer Walk

(Video) How to Prayer Walk a New Mission Field - Multiplying Disciples

Prayer walking is both an art and a science. A science in that there is some strategy and research that helps to focus our understanding of need and God’s heart in a culture. An art in that it is a process of learning to discern what God is doing and following His movements with fast obedience. 



(Article) The Lost We Love the Most - Stephen Witmer

What is more difficult than sharing the gospel for the first time with someone you love? Sharing the gospel for the tenth time with someone you love — even after they’ve already (repeatedly) responded with rejection or indifference.


3 Circles

(Video) 3 Circles in 3 Minutes That Could Change Your Life - The Normal Christian Life

The 3 Circles is a visual, interactive, and engaging resource. It allows someone to draw three circles on a piece of paper as a way to share the gospel in a casual and conversational manner.



(Podcast) 5 Exhortations in Evangelism - David Platt

The story of the paralyzed man brought to Jesus urges believers to take five actionable steps in evangelism.


 How Discovery Bible Study Works

(Video) How Discovery Bible Study Works - Contagious Disciple Making

Help your lost friends and family fall in love with Jesus and start a Disciple Making Movement. With the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) process, you can help them discover God for themselves, obey His Word, and share it with others right from the beginning.

This video will give you the "why" behind the process, the questions you'll ask, and helpful tips and tricks along the way.



(Article) Evangelism is Not a Solo Sport - G'Joe Joseph

Many of us see evangelism as an individual sport; this mindset affects the way we approach it. In contrast, the Bible describes and prescribes a team approach to proclaiming the good news.


 The Master Plan of Evangelism

(Book) The Master Plan of Evangelism - Robert E. Coleman

Discipling is not an option for believers---it's a priority. How should we carry out Christ's Great Commission? In this updated edition, Coleman draws on the Book of Acts, showing how to apply the early church's principles of ministry to contemporary congregations. His practical guidelines will help you fulfill Jesus' command to "make disciples of all nations."



(Podcast) Questioning Evangelism - Randy Newman

Randy Newman on the importance of asking questions in the practice of evangelism.



(Article) Why We Stink at Evangelism - Sam Storms

When I say that “we” stink at evangelism, I’m not talking about all of you. Some of you, I hope many of you, excel at sharing your faith with non-Christians. But most of us do not. It may sound offensive, but let’s be honest: we stink at evangelism. At least I do. But I don’t want to. My desire to be more faithful and vocal in sharing the gospel with the lost has led me to identify what I call the Dirty Dozen. These are the twelve reasons why we are less than faithful in making known the glory of the gospel to those who otherwise have no hope in this life or the next.


 9 Marks

(Article) Six Benefits of Evangelism - Brian Parks

Many of us have heard and even preached sermons that rightly focused on the Great Commission’s theme of “make disciples” (Matt. 28:18-20). And we’ve taught those around us that they should be disciple-makers themselves. But we also need to be clear that “making disciples” necessarily involves helping people who are not yet disciples to become disciples—that is, evangelism.


Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World

(Book) Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World - Bob McNabb

Why do some disciple-makers reproduce while others fail? Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World takes an in-depth look into this question and gives answers based on solid research and biblical foundations. The solutions presented are inspiring and highly practical. Best of all, the keys to fruitfulness shared are universal principles that work in the “real world.” These principles will help you multiply generations of disciples, wherever you find yourself!