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Thinking about Ministry to Muslims in OKC & Edmond

  • June 12, 2018|6:00pm – 7:30pm

Some friends of our congregation live in a European city with a large Muslim population. They are passionate about God revealing himself to all people, especially Muslims, through the average Jesus follower. So, they wake up every day asking these questions as they engage in the community:

  • How does my faith in Jesus express itself naturally to the people I rub shoulders with, drawing them to His good news?
  • Is effective witnessing a job for specialists or can it be an “every member ministry”?
  • How does a local congregation minister to the surrounding community when the community is religiously diverse?
  • How do we live out the challenge to love our “other” neighbors well? 
  • Does all of this change when those people are Muslim?


We’re asking the same questions! You're invited to come hear them share at the Bridgeway Offices about intentionally engaging the Muslim community in their neighborhood and how we can better understand and love our Muslim neighbors.

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