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Heaven's Arms Prayer Ministry

October 13, 2019

9:00pm – 11:15pm

Location: , ,

Each quarter, at Bridgeway we rejoice as we commission parents dedicating their children, and we are highly aware of how difficult it is for so many of you. If you’ve suffered in the areas of infertility, child or infant loss, miscarriage, or any circumstance that leaves you grieving over your desires for children, you may find these moments to be highly emotional, bringing up sorrow and pain. Even as you desire to rejoice with those that rejoice, you may find your grief prevents you from doing so. Any woman or man that would like to receive prayer and ministry during that time can meet us in Room 19 where a special prayer ministry team will be waiting to pray and show you the compassionate love of Jesus. We all wait for the day that we will rejoice together, but for now, let’s not miss the call to love one another in the times of weeping.

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