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Family Discipleship

At Bridgeway, we realize that at best your children come into our pastoral care for 2 hours out of 168 in any week. While we get paid to run ministries and plan events, our true job must be to equip the parents. That’s why Family Discipleship exists - to equip parents as the primary disciple-makers of their children by encouraging regular family discipleship times, capturing family discipleship moments, and celebrating family discipleship milestones. 

The Family Discipleship Team:
Eddy Helker, Pastor of Collegiate Ministries
Seth Stewart, Pastor of Student Ministries
Krista Meyer, Children's Director

2018 Family Discipleship Initiative

In 2018 we’re launching the TMM Initiative. We’re looking for 52 Brave families to join us for 52 weeks of regular family discipleship times: opening scripture, praying & singing with your family. Parents, Join us for 52 weeks of pointing your family to the salvation found in Christ alone. 

What can you expect from Bridgeway during the 2018 Family Discipleship Initiative?

  • We will pray for each of you and your children. 
  • You’ll receive updates and ideas on how to continue having regular times of Family Discipleship.
  • You’ll hear stories of success and failures from other parents. 
  • There will be four Time, Moments & Milestones Gatherings with free babysitting provided by Bridgeway’s Event Childcare team. We will get to meet other parents, eat desserts, worship together, and just have fun. The hope is that these are four times of rest for you and your spouse.

First Steps

In this introduction to Bridgeway’s Family Discipleship, the pastors and elders will equip parents at the beginning of their journey in discipling their children. This class is open and encouraged for ALL parents to attend, and is especially relevant to those at the milestone of having a newborn, new adoptive and foster parents, and new believers with young children. After attending this class, you will have the opportunity to participate in Child Dedication the following week.

2018 Family Discipleship Initiative Video:

Family Discipleship Initiative from Bridgeway Church on Vimeo.