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Hayden - 2023Pastor of Discipleship

Since 2019

Who I am:

I have been married to my wife, Britney, since 2016. We have one baby girl, Ellie, in heaven, and a son, Shepherd. My favorite pastimes are walking the park, listening to audiobooks, getting my steps in, and drinking coffee with good friends. Even though I am an OU grad, I am an all-out Oklahoma State fan.

What I do:

Admittedly, "discipleship" is a broad and comprehensive word - the scope of which is far too great for any one staff pastor. All of life together in the body is discipleship. As a result, we need the whole body in order to accomplish this goal. Specifically, I have been tasked with shepherding our formal discipleship strategy. I love this because I get to think and work towards building holistic disciples of Jesus.

As a part of my job, I have the privilege of overseeing our community groups. This responsibility is both exciting and weighty. Meaningful biblical community is absolutely essential to building holistic disciples - especially in a culture that increasingly seeks to isolate and anonymize us.

What God did:

Before Christ, I was burdened by the weight of my hypocrisy and the shame of sin. Then, I heard the good news that God the Son lived the life I could not, died the death I deserved and was raised to life in victory over death. When this good news finally hit me, I placed faith in Christ. Now, I walk in the joy that only grace can bring about.