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Jamie - 2023Global Mobilization Coach

Since 2019

Who I am:

I grew up in Southern California and then Oklahoma, which means that I love the beach, dislike wearing shoes, and occasionally say “y’all.” I am a people-person and love to do things that engage the mind, are creative and purposeful. My husband, Jeremy, and I also really love board games and time with family.

What I do:

As a child, I imagined three possibilities for my future: I would either be the proud owner of a pet store, get married, and have a lot of kids or be a missionary. The first idea came from something I enjoyed (entrepreneurship and tiny bunnies), the second from a desire (loving community), and the third from a combination of genuine interest in other cultures, compassion for others, and fear of not “sacrificing” enough for God during my lifetime (wouldn’t God love me more if I did the “hardest thing” of being a missionary?) 

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008 with a degree in Education, a growing desire for cross-cultural ministry, and a lot of youthful zeal. But God did not let me go overseas long-term. He did not let me have a tiny bunny. I was single until I was 35 years old. 

I share those expectations I had for my life because so often things turn out differently than we imagine, yet God is faithful and good! Over the years, God corrected my very works-based understanding of the Gospel, grew my identity as His child, and expanded my vision of what it looks like to join him in his global purpose. Most days, I find that these are the themes I get to share with others who are questioning what to “do” with their life. 

If any of my story resonates with you, or you’ve ever wondered how your life can impact those around you and to the ends of the earth, I’d love to connect. It is my joy to tangibly help others identify, prepare for and connect to their most strategic and joyful opportunities to partner with God in what He is doing in the world. Let’s grab coffee! 

What God did:

There was a time when was depressed and weary from working so hard to earn acceptance from God and others. Rejection seemed to be waiting for me around every corner. Then, I began to understand and actually believe that God had already accepted me, not out of obligation or because I had earned it, but because I am his kid. Now, whenever I notice I’m starting to rely on myself to avoid rejection, I ask God to help me choose to believe what He says is true of me according to Ephesians 1 - that Jesus took the rejection from God that I deserved because of my unholiness in order that I might be able to be accepted by the God who loves me, forever.