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Janelle's Story

In 2011 I got a fingernail fungus.  Nail fungus is hard to get a grip on.  I went to our local pharmacist and he told me not to even go to the doctor but to try natural remedies because he tried the doctor route and spent lots of money but still fought nail fungus.  I researched cures for nail fungus and the treatment was very restrictive and took a great deal of self discipline.  Applying the treatments I learned about, it took a good four months before I finally was rid of the fungus.  Before it left, however, my nails turned black about half way down the nail bed, my nails lifted up and crumbled.   I had to keep them cut so low it was almost painful from that but my nails were painful from the fungus too--YUCK!  I was so thankful that was over!!!

A few of months ago I noticed that about half my nails were again being attacked by nail fungus.  This time I knew the treatment, but to be honest, I just didn't have the mental strength to take on the treatment I went through before.  I tried looking for an easier solution, but I didn't find one.  I told God and myself that I just couldn't go through that again.  After a couple of month, I noticed that the crumbling of my nails was also starting.  I knew I had to cut them down or they would catch on things and possibly lift off or tear very low.  On a Friday morning a few weeks ago I trimmed my nails.  I must admit I was sad and discouraged. Like I said, I just didn't have what it took this time to fight this fungus.  On Saturday morning I woke up and noticed my nails.  The fungus was gone!!! Please get this picture clearly.  I hadn't done any treatment at all. Nail fungus is terrifically hard to get rid of with treatment, but without treatment--impossible!  Of course, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! It's a miracle!  My nails are completely cured!!!! Praise God!  He is strong in our weakness!

-Janelle Ehrich

(submitted 2.19.14)