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Jennifer Blount-finalDeacon of Premarital Mentoring

Since 2020

Who I am:

I am an avid, demonstrative, worshipping daughter of the Most-High God. I am a military wife and mother of 4 very big boys. I love teaching, counseling, singing, mentoring, reading, watercolors, and sweet iced coffee. I have lived in 2 countries, 3 states, 15 cities, and 19 houses, but being with God's beloved people at Bridgeway is home to my heart.

 What I do: 

Marriage is the glorious expression of God's love and heart for His people. We are passionate about helping couples engage their own stories in light of the Gospel to ensure their marriage is built on a solid foundation.

What God did:

I spent most of my life functioning under the lie that I was not enough. I was not enough of a daughter, wife, mother, teacher, friend..the list goes on. I was at the end of a threadbare rope. I had no idea believers could be under such condemnation and not even really know it! The Lord met me powerfully in the middle of counseling one session one afternoon. He said that I don't have to be enough because He is enough. He is the GREAT I AM and I am His. The lie was broken that I had to be something that I never could be. I had been a slave to perfection and He bought my freedom with His precious blood. I no longer saw who I wasn't but rather who I was in Him. It has affected every single area of my life to the glory of God!!