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Jim CSafety Team Coordinator

Since 2022

Who I am:

I work with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in the Innovation Services division. My role is to help improve the efficiency of processes with a focus on both internal and external clients. My team is the emerging solutions team. We work with and explore new technologies and, when applicable, introduce these to divisions that could benefit from implementing them. I enjoy outdoor activities, working with wood, and learning.

What I do:

Safety is not guaranteed. It must be established, supported, reviewed, and updated regularly. Safety includes many aspects of human life, physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual. While spiritual safety may be seen as the most significant of these, a lack of safety in any of the areas negatively impacts all of the areas. For individuals to see God as safe, available, close, and engaged, they must see the body of Christ as such also. The trust placed in the Bridgeway body of Christ that people demonstrate when they arrive on the property and extend when they walk in the door needs to be reciprocated by our being good stewards of this trust and creating, as God enables, the safest place possible.

What God did:

I was born nearly three months early and struggled to survive. God caused circumstances to be arranged for me to survive and thrive. I have been aware of God's presence and mercy in my life from the very beginning. I have grown up in the church and until I was in college, I was at church every time the doors were open. In college, I encountered a crisis of faith when I realized that I was NOT called by God to be a vocational pastor. God was always close and even in my rebellion, God kept calling me back to himself in an irresistible way. Each time I sin, God calls me to himself in love to repent, change my thoughts and understanding of things, and re-engage with Him and others in the journey to sanctification.