Katie DuLany-finalDigital Media Coordinator

Since 2020

Who I am:

I'm a twenty-something lover of music, books, photography, and anything old. Seriously, I love old things– film cameras, typewriters, vintage clothes, Vincent Van Gogh, classic literature, and Paris in the 1920s. I could probably tell you anything there is to know about the JFK situation, I'm working towards fluency in French, and I've never had macaroni & cheese ever in my life. Some people find that alarming but do with that information as you please.

What I do:

It is my joy to serve Bridgeway through photography, videography, and production. Some of my sweetest memories with Jesus are during times of reflection & remembrance– His faithfulness & glory are put on display in my heart when I remember who He is & what He's done. This is why I love capturing moments, big or small, at Bridgeway. I see photos & visual art as a tool for remembrance & a means of communion with the Lord.

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I felt abandoned and unwanted, but then I heard the Gospel. I learned that God truly loves me and wants me to be with Him forever, so now I live with peace knowing that God is eternally faithful and kind.