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Kelley's Story

I came to know Christ as my Savior as a young child in a rural Baptist church. I learned truths and had a desire to live them, but in many ways throughout my life have felt like something was missing.

In July of 2011, My husband, Rocky, and I quit our jobs, sold our house, and moved to plant a new church. This was a vision God had put in Rocky's heart some 20 years prior and that we pursued in various ways during those years. However, we returned here in October 2012 and still find ourselves looking for the "hindsight is 20/20" experience.

We had planned our first visit to Bridgeway 5 weeks ago, and because I was sick, Rocky came alone. Upon his return, I was so happy to hear hope in his voice! His sense was that there was a strong grounding in the Word and at the same time openness to the Spirit that was neither too restrictive or too exclusive. That evening he attended the first of the year covenant members' meeting, and we have only moved forward since. From that time:

  • We have been engaged by people (which, by the way is HUGE, especially for me) and have felt free to engage others.
  • The weekly worship...WOW! Thanks for the culture, the variety, and to the individuals who pray and plan and participate on stage and off.
  • Sam and Ann...who you are and how God has worked in your life before Bridgeway and through your ministry at Bridgeway cannot be underestimated. Glory to God!
  • Kevin prayed for us and the next week God provided Rocky with a new job! He had been unemployed since the company he worked for closed their doors in November.
  • I went to the ladies' meeting and bought the books that were offered, and I was able to bless another group of women I meet with weekly because of how the Spirit put on my heart to share one of them when given an unexpected opportunity.
  • We started in a community group last week and loved it! We are anticipating greatly all that will come to us, and through us, because of it!
  • We met Steve and Joni at our Community Group and were blessed to respond to their invitation to meet for dinner prior to the Night of Worship. It was great to connect further with them.
  • We participated in the Night of Worship in which Patty spoke over me, initially having never met me, that God was restoring my soul. Susan spent time praying and speaking into my life that evening after a lady gave a word at the end about people desiring intimacy.
  • Linda prayed for me and encouraged me with truth on Sunday.
  • We signed up for the Newcomers' class and though I am to be at work by 12:30, I was freely given the blessing to come to work when I could get there that day.
  • This morning I have the privilege of meeting Lou Franklin for coffee/lunch before work.

May His Spirit of Love, Power, and a Sound Mind fill each of us so that we live out the art He has placed within each one of us uniquely, for the praise of His Name and the peace of His Kingdom we were created to complete both now and forever! EXCITING!

-Kelley La Marr

(submitted 2.24.14)