Kendra - 2023Deacon of Inner Healing & Deliverance

Since 2020

Who I am:

I am married to Jimmy Argo since 2001 and we have teenage twins Nate and Natalie. We moved to Edmond in 2011 and soon after found Bridgeway Church. It quickly became our second home. I enjoy spending time out in nature observing God's beauty and experiencing His love through it. When not outside, I enjoy reading and researching more about God. Right now, I am reading and researching anything I can on the Kingdom of God. 

What I do:

I love leading our Inner Healing & Deliverance (IHD) ministry. This ministry started through a prophetic word and became a passion as I saw the prophetic word come to life. I love seeing Holy Spirit actively transform and renew the mind of others over and over again through His power in Word and Spirit. As GK Chesterton has famously said, "Do it again!" That is my prayer as I lead our team.

What God did:

Although I received Jesus in my heart at a young age and attended church every time the door opened, I seemed to fall into a trap of feeling rejected throughout my entire life. I loved Jesus and tried to follow His ways, but I felt isolated, unloved, and insignificant in life. I longed for Heaven, where there was no more sorrow or sadness. But then, on April 20, 2015, while reading about the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16 in preparation for a neighborhood children's Bible club, the Holy Spirit's power set my heart on fire. I finally realized He loved ME, personally. Jesus loved ME and fulfilled every part of the Day of Atonement for ME. Now, I no longer feel rejected, isolated, unloved, and insignificant because the Creator of the Universe loves ME! I'll never be the same!!