Kerri White-finalDirector of Connections & Program Development

Since 2024

Who I am:

I am an Okie (through and through) who loves to travel the world and create memories through exciting adventures! My favorite travel partners are my dad and sister - and any friend I can talk into joining me for a new experience. When I'm not out and about, I enjoy having my home filled with family and friends, especially to play games, eat great food, and tell stories. Oh, how I love stories! I love reading them, hearing them, watching them, telling them, and writing them - which is probably why I'm so drawn to the law and history sections of the Old Testament as well as the parables in the Gospels.

What I do:

I've been attending Bridgeway since 2013. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the Lord and the church body through the gifts God has given me. Christian education, leadership development, organization, strategic planning, networking, and questioning the status quo get me fired up! I know God has amazing plans for each of His children to flourish and for more worshippers to be brought into the kingdom. I love pushing us to think about how we join Him well in fulfilling those plans!

What God did:

For most of my life, I operated from a place of control and pride. I sat on the throne of my own heart, sure that I knew better than God about how my life should run. This led to disappointment, heartbreak, and loneliness. Over a period of several years, Jesus revealed to me how much He loves me! He showed me that only He is intended to be King because only He knows what's truly best. He forgave me for trying to run things my own way, and He's teaching me how to put my full confidence in Him every day. Now, I live in freedom and joy! I know that He offers good gifts, blessed relationships, and an eternity of adventures just waiting to be unleashed!