Kristen - 2023Preschool Coordinator

Since 2021

Who I am:

Green acres is the place for me! Currently, I am a wife of 12 years, mom to one girl for 6 years, and aspiring farmer for a year and a half. The Lord has richly blessed us with 6 acres and is slowly filling it with all the fun life you can imagine a farm having! When not getting the farm set up, I can be found shopping, crafting, or hanging out with an assortment of beloved friends and family. October through December are my favorite months of the year, but I could just be biased since my birthday also falls in that range!

What I do:

I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of the lives of several within Bridgeway that have littles. When the position of nursery coordinator opened up, I was intrigued as I have become the honorary aunt of a group of ladies that have had several babies within a relatively short amount of time! It is my honor and blessing to be able to lead these little hearts and the volunteers that serve with them weekly, into a deeper understanding and vision of how magnificent our God really is!

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I lived in constant wonder of if I would ever really be able to hear God speak and struggled with always feeling lost or left out. But the goodness of the Lord led me out of the pit to find freedom from being a victim. Now I experience the amazing encounters with Him I always longed for, and I have peace deep in my soul of just how valued I am by the Father, which reminds me of just how included and found I really am!