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Lindy Hughes-finalBig Kids Coordinator

Since 2011

Who I am:

My husband Don and I have been married since 1997 and have been at Bridgeway almost just as long. We have two adult children. I have worked out of my home part-time for a Wendy's franchise since 1998 as a numerical analyst. I love dogs and cats and have had varying numbers of these over the years. My hobbies include playing the ukulele and piano. I also love learning new ways of expressing art and try to learn something new every year.

What I do:

Kids are amazing! I love watching them grow and mature in Christ. I especially love the "light bulb" moments when understanding takes them down a whole new path to a relationship with Jesus. It is a privilege to write a curriculum, help with Bible memorization and see the Holy Spirit move in our children.

What God did:

I have always had trouble with confrontation. I like to "keep the peace." But at times, it has been at the expense of someone else or even myself. I was scared to speak out. I saw how much healing God was doing in my friends when they went through Inner Healing and Deliverance, so I signed up. God showed me during that time that I was not relying on Him to be my protector. He also showed me that He created me just how He wanted and that even though I may not speak eloquently or distinctly like others, some may need to hear what I have to say in the way that I say it. He has made me to be creative and think creatively - sometimes way outside of the box.