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Liz's Story

I grew up attending a wonderful Baptist church, but until attending Bridgeway I did not fully grasp that my belief in God's healing power and ability to utilize Spiritual Gifts in today's culture was much more theoretical than expectant. This week the Lord has allowed me to begin seeing Him for who He really is, rather than my limited earthly conception...

A few weeks ago our Community Group leader, Evan Taylor, introduced the idea of choosing an individual from the group to really focus our prayer time on for that week and then pray for the individual as a group during our next meeting. Due to multiple circumstances we spent the last two weeks praying for an individual in the group who had been experiencing excruciating pain for nearly a month following breastfeeding her daughter. This past Wednesday we were able to finally pray for her as a group - prayers covering many realms, but truly focused on the Lord's swift healing of her pain and allowing breastfeeding to once again become a time of worship and bonding with her daughter.

The next day we received the following email from the individual stating, "I just wanted to thank all of you and your husbands for praying for me. Jesus heard your prayers. I haven't had any pain since I left small group last night. That is the longest period of relief I've had in weeks. I am just so amazed at the beauty of believers coming together and lifting each other up. Thank you for your faithfulness and love. I am truly blessed to be in community with such wonderful women. I am praying for each of you today and that you feel the Holy Spirit working in and around you."

To date, her pain remains vanquished! Though this was not an experience of my own personal healing, I feel the Lord utilized this display of His kindness and power to rejuvenate and encourage our entire group.

The Lord is active and moving right here in Oklahoma. My prayer for myself and all other believers is that we begin to evaluate whether we pray with expectancy or view displays of the Lord's power as exceptions. I pray that our hearts are softened and our faith is amplified to pray with full expectancy - to move from the theoretical knowledge of the Lord's capability into understanding of the reality of His presence and power.

-Liz Lindamood

(submitted 2.23.14)