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By the word mission we have in view our responsibility to the world. We look outward to make Christ known through the gospel and to bring his lordship to bear on every dimension of life.



The church does not exist solely for its own sake, but in order to participate in the mission of God in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Mission is not an optional program in the church but an essential element in the identity of the church. Mission is as much who we are as what we do.



Essential to our mandate as the people of God is to strive, in the power of the Spirit, for peace, racial reconciliation, together with the alleviation of poverty, hunger, and homelessness. We do not confuse these endeavors with the content of the gospel. They are, rather, the desired consequence of what God has accomplished for us in Christ.



As part of our calling to participate in the mission of God, we are committed to the training of leaders and the planting of local churches that reflect the mission and values of Bridgeway.



Our aim is to extend the kingdom of God in our community not only by preaching the gospel but also by expressing his love through concrete deeds of service and sacrifice for those who do not know him.



We are called neither to retreat from our culture nor to conform to it but, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of the gospel, to speak prophetically to it as we seek its transformation and submission to the lordship of Christ. We long to see the arts redeemed for the name of Christ and utilized in the promotion of his glory.



Our Commitment to Mission is motivated by the Gospel. Many people who already are operating with little to no margin in their lives hear the call to move out on mission as added homework. But, moving out on mission is often less about doing more, and more about doing it differently, doing it with different people, or doing it in a different place. While mission will ultimately always require sacrifice, from another perspective going on mission in your surrounding community requires simply asking questions of geography and affinity—where do you live and what do you love? Or, in other words, who has God placed in front of you and what are you passionate about? Embracing mission requires being willing to be increasingly led by God out of a selfishly introspective approach towards day-to-day life, and into greater and greater mindfulness of both God and others—increased sensitivity, increased intention, and increased kindness.