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Misty KitchellEvents Kids Coordinator

Since 2014

Who I am:

I was raised in the church and was saved and baptized at ten years old. I married my best friend Michael in 1997, and we are blessed with 2 children, Christopher in 2000 and Jane Ellen in 2010. Through a series of divine events, God led our family to Bridgeway Church in early 2013, and our lives will never be the same! I've developed a relationship with Jesus that I never dreamed I could experience, and I know that there is still so much more that He has for me!

What I do:

God has equipped me to walk alongside parents through my roles in Bridgeway Kids, but more than that, He's grown my heart to be a safe space, a protector, and a seed-planter. Even the most mundane of daily tasks can provide opportunities to teach the youngest of children truths of God and His love for them. I'm blessed to be able to encourage others to step into those opportunities as well!

What God did:

I thought I lived a life full of blessings, but I could not feel beyond the anxiety and fear of day-to-day situations. As I sought healing and freedom through learning the truths of the Bible, God set me free, and I can truly walk in peace and joy! Now that I know who God says I am (and I get to learn more each day!), I deeply desire to see others recognize those truths as well.