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Music & Arts

While we believe all of life (workplace, family life, etc.) is to be lived out as a worshipful response to God (Romans 12:1), music and the arts are two vital expressions within the life of the church.


Song and music have always played a key part in the church’s gatherings. While we gather on Sundays or throughout the city during the week, we love to engage with God (vertically) and with each other (horizontally) through singing and music. Psalm 33:1 says, “Shout for joy in the Lord, O you righteous! Praise befits the upright.” We want Bridgeway to be a joyful, singing people!

For those interested in participating in the ministry of music at Bridgeway, we encourage you first to get involved in the life of the church and particularly in a community group for about six months. We also encourage those who are involved to become covenant members as an expression of commitment to this local body. We are looking for those who are called and qualified to serve in the music ministry. By called, we simply mean those who believe God has put it in their heart to serve in the area of music. By qualified, we mean men or women of character (moving toward Christlikeness), who are involved in Bridgeway community, and are competent in their skill. We have opportunities for musicians, worship leaders, vocalists, video techs (lyrics, etc.), and sound techs. Please contact for more info.


We not only value singing, but also the arts in their many forms. We believe God has made us in his image, and part of being image bearers entails creativity with regards to the arts. While you’ll see some art around the building, most of the artists at Bridgeway create in their studios and homes, and play and display around the city. This is part of our vision: that we would seek the good of Oklahoma City by becoming a part of the cultural fabric while maintaining gospel integrity. We believe good art in all its diversity causes people to think in ways they haven’t or express things in ways others wanted to but couldn’t. In order to allow “creatives” to meet other “creatives,” we’ll often do shows in the Backroom, hold community wide art responses, facilitate various discussions, as well as link arms with other groups around the city attempting to do the same.

If you are interested in being more involved in the arts here at Bridgeway, please contact Let us know who you are and what kind of art you are involved in creating. Also let us know if you want to be informed when our next gathering will be as well as join the “Music and Arts” group on our online tool called The City.