Nate - 2023Pastor of Student Ministries

Since 2022

Who I am:

Born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, I attended OSU and UCO, graduating in 2020. Two months later, I married my beautiful wife, Abigail. A fun fact about our relationship: within five minutes of meeting Abigail, a friend of mine told me, "That's Mrs. Ginsterblum." To my joy, he turned out to be right! Abigail and I love watching documentaries and walking with our energetic dog, Oliver. My favorite pastimes include reading, spending quality time with friends, working out, and engaging in deep, theological conversations.

What I do:

I am passionate about this role at Bridgeway because I remember like it was yesterday growing up in a youth group and navigating through the unique difficulties of being a young person. Before Jesus saved me, my adolescent years were some of the most challenging years of my life. I know full well what it means to be in their shoes, and more than anything, I want to show Bridgeway students authentic love and compassion as they enter our doors. I have a heart for mentoring and discipling young people, and I desire to equip them to face life’s challenges with the boldness and courage of Christ. Young people need to know that Jesus will satisfy all of their heart’s desires. It is my privilege and honor to shepherd Bridgeway students by feeding them the word of God and loving them in the spirit of Christ.

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I was struggling with severe anxiety and fear. I had grown up in church my entire life without ever having known or experienced the grace of Jesus Christ. While in college, I began to doubt everything I had ever known about God and the Bible. I realized my faith was not my own, and I had never truly put my trust in HIS work on the cross. Finally, I put my faith in Jesus, and my life began to change. Strongholds of fear broke down, and for the first time, I felt utterly free. I thank God that he carried my sins to the cross, died, and was raised, making me forever a child of God.