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Friday December 24th | Christmas Eve Service 5:00-6:00pm
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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Bridgeway is predominately a function of our community groups by those who know and get to express their love and care daily. Approximately 95% of pastoral care can be taken care of in the daily rhythms of Bridgeway community life. The other 5%, however, occurs when a person is in need of long-term help, or a difficult and ongoing situation that is more than a group and its leaders can manage on their own. 

Deacon Ministry

The following ministries are run by our deacons who focus on a particular area of pastoral care:

  • Widows Ministry
  • Premarital Mentoring
  • Caring for home-bound and varying degrees of convalescence
  • Hospital and emergency room prayer
  • Prayer ministries
  • Inner healing and deliverance
  • Benevolence and assistance to covenant members, regular attendees, and those in our immediate neighborhood
  • Guidance
  • Global worker support (advocacy teams) 

If you have questions about these ministries, please consult with your community group leader or contact us