Paul 1

Since 2019

Who I am:

I am the husband of Sara, the father of five (Andrea, Jessica, Joel, Timothy, and Caleb), and the grandfather of six! I grew up as a dependent of an Air Force colonel and then went into the Air Force myself and upon separation from active duty settled in Edmond Oklahoma. We've been attending Bridgeway since 1995. We love the passion for preaching the entire council of God, the challenge to live a life glorifying God while fully enjoying him and the dedication to each person's sanctification through the power of the Holy Spirit

What I do:

We want all people attending Bridgeway to be in community and to have those communities well shepherded and loved by the leadership. I love pouring into and hearing from the men and women leading community groups and working together with the other elders to help Bridgeway act as a Spirit-guided influence in everyone’s life and in our communities.

What God did:

For me, junior high and high school was filled with selfish pursuits and confusion over what was really meaningful. Although I had good examples around me of loving Christian principles, my life was focused on how I could get others to think highly of me and make things as pleasurable for me as possible- which often meant using others to get what I wanted. Soon this focus sent me into a tailspin and crash of despair and desperation. I had heard many times about God's love and forgiveness but never felt I personally needed it before. When I did fully embrace God's sweet love, forgiveness and restoration it overwhelmed my entire life and left me with an inexpressible and glorious joy that gave me the deepest meaning and purpose I could ever imagine!