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Greetings! We hope this material is a blessing to you and the ministries you oversee. You are welcome to share and edit the resources linked below unless noted otherwise.

Prayer Training Materials

A recording of one of our prayer trainings is available HERE. This video is intended to be used as a reference and training tool for those who will be teaching and leading a Prayer Training using our materials.

Handout 1 is the only resource used during the training. Handout 2 is provided for attendees to study after the training.

*Please do not edit without permission. Email Erin Goss below to obtain editing permission.

Prophetic Training Materials

We teach through these materials in the order linked below.

  • Handout 1: NT Prophecy for Today WordPDF
  • Handout 2: How God Speaks to Us WordPDF
  • Handout 3: Hearing God's Voice WordPDF

Leading Prayer & Prophetic Trainings

At Bridgeway, we offer Prayer and Prophetic Trainings 3-4 times a year on weekend mornings. The trainings usually last for 1.5-2 hours. The sessions are led by 1-3 members of our Prophetic Leadership Team. After the teaching portion of the training, we launch into a practice time. Attendees are asked to break into smaller groups of 5-10 people. Our Extended Prophetic Team serves as small group leaders for the practice portion of both trainings. We encourage attendees to avoid being in the same group as a spouse or close friend. Practicing to hear from the Lord is best evidenced when one is unfamiliar with those in their group.

Prophetic ministry is closely tied to praying for other people. A strong prayer ministry inside and outside the church results in a stronger prophetic ministry.

Prophetic Training 2

We also offer a Prophetic Training 2 workshop for anyone who has already gone through the initial Prophetic Training (what we refer to as "Prophetic Training 1"). During this time, attendees participate in a variety of prophetic exercises and receive more in-depth teaching. Prophetic Training 2 takes place at the same time as the Prophetic Training 1 in a different part of our building.

Convergence + Convergence: EQUIP 2018

Bridgeway Church has held several national events regarding the convergence of Word and Spirit. Resources from our events are available HERE. Our 2018 "Convergence: EQUIP" workshop specifically focused on the topic of Building a Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church. Click HERE for EQUIP 2018 session videos and the accompanying Guidebook.

Contact Info

To learn more about Prayer and Prophetic Ministry at Bridgeway, check out THIS page. You are also welcome to contact Erin Goss, our Prayer Ministry Coordinator, at Erin can provide more information on how we form prayer and prophetic teams at Bridgeway and the ministry opportunities we offer.

Tom Ball, one of our founding elders and a member of our Prophetic Leadership Team, enjoys connecting with leaders and is happy to answer any questions related to teaching these materials and developing a culture of prayer and prophetic ministry in a church. He can be contacted at