What are Spiritual Disciplines? 

Spiritual Disciplines are habits, practices, and rhythms that cultivate spiritual growth in a disciple’s life. When centered on God instead of self-effort, spiritual disciplines produce the fruit of Christ-like transformation. 

During the months of FEBRUARY & MARCH 2021, we are focusing on the Spiritual Disciplines of Prayer & Fasting as part of our church-wide discipleship plan, Beholding & Becoming.

Prayer is simply a conversation with God; a dialogue, not a monologue. The discipline of prayer is setting apart intentional time to engage with God, not only talking to him, but also listening.

Fasting is denying the self of certain physical needs or pleasures for the sake of more intimacy with God.


Below is a curated list of resources on Prayer & Fasting designed to help you grow. Revisit these articles, podcasts & videos anytime, and share with a friend!



(Article) Time Alone for God: The Ageless Habits of Jesus Christ - David Mathis

It’s a sweeping claim, but it might just be the kind of overstatement we need today to be awakened from our relentless stream of distractions and diversions. How hauntingly true might it be, that we are unable to sit quietly?



(Video) A Practical Plan to Grow in Prayer - Mike Bickle

The constraints on our time and schedule are difficult to overcome, which is why we need a practical plan to grow in prayer in our personal lives. This plan includes setting a schedule of regular prayer times, making a prayer list, and cultivating a right view of God. By implementing these three practical things in your life you will pray ten times more than you do now.



(Article) 10 Things You Should Know About Fasting - Sam Storms

If there is a single driving force in our society today it may well be what I call instant self-gratification. It is into this mindset in our society that the Bible speaks about fasting. Is it any wonder that few people are listening?



(Article) Fasting Isn’t for the Spiritually Elite. It’s for the Hurting - David Kakish 

Fasting is the kale of the spiritual disciplines. We know it’s good for us, but we don’t seek it out on the menu...



(Video) Ask Pastor John: The Purpose of Fasting...more Jesus.

Fasting only adds to our hunger for God. Through fasting, we put our stomach where our hearts are to give added intensity to our ache for Jesus.



(Podcast) Bridgeway Podcast Series on Prayer (Ep. 63-67)

What is prayer? Why do we pray? Is prayer just talking to God or is there more going on? Why should we pray if God already knows what we need and what will happen? Sam Storms and David Bowden, and several Bridgeway Members sit down and discuss all this and more in these episodes on prayer.



(Video) Feasting on God sermon - Sam Storms

We highly recommend this shorter, 30-minute sermon from 2014. Download Sermon Notes HERE, including practical guidelines for fasting.