Join us online or in-person Sundays at 9:00 am or 11:15 am. Find the Livestream here. More on what to expect at Sunday Morning Gatherings here.




As we worship in our homes on Sunday Mornings, we hope these simple suggestions will help you find a rhythm of worship that works for your family during this season. 

To access the weekly Kids' Activities, click the "DOWNLOADS" button on the corresponding sermon page.


Find a rhythm that works best for your family

Consider the ages, attention spans, and specific needs of your children. The recorded sermon is posted by Friday night each week. You may choose to watch it anytime together or on Saturday or Sunday as your younger children sleep, snack or play. 


Be extra flexible with your kids and yourself

The benefit of a recorded sermon and worship is that you can pause, restart and rewind as needed. Don’t feel the pressure to create a Sunday morning Bridgeway service in your living room. Make it a special time that is unique to your family. Have extra patience and grace for each other. Every opportunity with your children is a chance to point them to Jesus, and that is a great act of worship in our homes!


Let your children of any age have a part

As you all gather for worship, include some of their favorite worship songs; let them lead or participate in prayer; encourage them to serve cups and bread for communion; ask them to read the passages of scripture; or create your own special games, reenactments, or activities surrounding the passage of scripture that the whole family will look forward to each week. 


Read the passage of scripture as a family

Use a kid-friendly Bible translation and read together before watching the recorded sermon. The International Children’s Bible (ICB) is a great translation for children. You may even find the related story in the Jesus StoryBook Bible for your younger children. If they join you for the recorded worship service, remind them of what you read and discussed previously. 


Let them create and engage

Utilize the printable resources provided each week for your children, but also consider bringing in some fun arts and craft supplies to keep little hands busy, like play dough, watercolor paints, markers, and blank paper, or even building blocks. Have the entire family join the children in creating as you listen to the preaching of God’s Word.