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Rocky's Story

My wife, Kelley, and I made some major life changes in 2011. We sold our home, quit our jobs, and moved to southern Oklahoma to start a new Network church. Nothing went as planned at all, so after a year we decided to move back and start where we left off. Or so we thought. The jobs we left were gone, the new jobs we had paid less than what we were making, but more than that, we had not found a body of believers where we could actually plug-in and grow and help grow. It took us over a year to bring our searching to a close.

On the last Sunday of January, I came to Bridgeway, and knew that this was the place God wanted us to invest our lives, gifts, and experiences. Attending the Annual Report Meeting that night was a true confirmation that we had finally made it. My wife came the next week, and we have not looked back.

Last week, we met with a new community group, Young at Heart, and believe that we have met some friends that will be there for the long haul.

-Rocky La Marr

(submitted 2.23.14)