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Sam 3
Pastor Emeritus

Lead Pastor since 2008 | Pastor Emeritus since 2022

Who I am:

I’ve been in some form of pastoral ministry or higher education for 48 years. I’ve pastored churches in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and served as the Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision for 14 years at Bridgeway. I proposed to my wife, Ann, on our first date! Really. No, she didn’t give me an answer, thinking to herself that this guy must be nuts! But it worked. In May of 2022, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We have two adult daughters and four grandchildren. I love books (both reading and writing them), preaching, baseball, movies, and all things University of Oklahoma.

What I do:

I love preaching every Sunday, verse by verse, through books of the Bible. If I had to choose between preaching and breathing, I’d choose the former. Of course, without the latter, I couldn’t preach at all. I love writing next to preaching and spend considerable time producing blog posts and books (35 at present). My passion is the local church and seeing that it remains committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the operation of all the gifts of the Spirit, and a high view of both the Word of God written and the sovereignty of God in salvation.

What God did:

I was mercifully born into a wonderful Christian family. I don’t have a testimony of deliverance from drugs, demons, or some other form of moral debauchery. But I was, like all others, a hell-deserving sinner whom God graciously called and saved by faith in Jesus when I was about 9 years old.