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Shane - 2023Global Mobilization Team Lead

Since 2019

Who I am:

My family and I have been in Oklahoma City since 2014. I spent most of my life in Colorado and after college worked as an Engineer. I met my wife Bridget soon after, we were married in 2009, and now have 5 wonderful kids: Gabi, Josi, Madi, Liam, and Javen. As a family we love being outside, riding our bikes, swimming, camping, and playing board games. On my own, I love to play disc golf or any type of yard game. Bridgeway was the first church we visited when we moved here and we've never been anywhere else!

What I do:

After working as an engineer for 11 years the Lord opened my eyes to His passion for His worldwide Bride. That having a passionate heart for God's glory among all nations is not just for those wanting to go overseas, but for ALL His children. Not only that, but He is inviting and preparing every one of us to have a specific role in seeing His global plan accomplished. My passion is to see the entire Bride of Christ working together, intentionally and sacrificially, to multiply worshipers of Jesus throughout all nations. Regardless of age, race, gender, stage of life, number of kids, or anything else, God calls us to be ambassadors. It is my inexpressible joy to be able to participate in helping discover and develop people as disciple-makers and then deploying them beyond the church walls to joyfully declare the name of Jesus.

What God did:

There was a time in my life when I felt afraid and stressed. I was afraid that if I didn't do everything perfectly, it would all fall apart and I would be seen as a failure, which left me feeling stressed because I was never able to do it all. Then I learned more about Jesus and that He would never reject me, but wanted to use my weakness to show His power and that He wanted to take all my burdens on Himself. Now I feel so much peace and hope because He has me.