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Stacy - 2023Deacon of Global Advocacy

Since 2021

Who I am:

I’m the proud wife to Daniel and mom to Avery, Anna, and Melody. I’m happiest spending quality time with my people, in a prayer room, and getting my hands dirty in my garden.

What I do:

Missionaries aren’t superheroes. They are just like you and me. And when they say “yes” to Going, they say “yes” to living on the front lines of Kingdom advancement and they need really excellent care and prayer! I am excited to serve as Deacon of Global Advocacy to empower and encourage our Advocacy Teams to take simple and consistent steps to support our beloved Bridgeway Family sent out to the ends of the earth. Our people are worth it; and so is the fame of Jesus’ name!

What God did:

Being good and being right were values that used to perch me high above others. This self-righteousness made me moral, but it also kept me far from acknowledging my own brokenness. I was really good at ignoring it - UNTIL the Lord in his mercy, revealed it and named it... PRIDE. As a 12-year-old, I confessed this during Communion and wept as I realized His body had been broken, for me. He’s proven himself constant and faithful throughout many difficult seasons and continues to pursue me with his steadfast love. He’s lifted my heavy yoke of performance and I get to enjoy deep fellowship with Him through His Spirit!