Steve - 2023Deacon of Hospitality

Since 2020

Who I am:

My wife Trudi and I are empty nesters. I retired in 2020 from operating a pest control company. I enjoy working in my woodworking shop, photography, and working in the yard. We always look forward to seeing the grandkids.

What I do:

I love hospitality. I love to cook, have friends and family in my home, and serve people that I love. What I do at Bridgeway is exactly what God has created me to do.

What God did:

I spent the first 44 years of my life running from God but Jesus never stopped pursuing me. Before I met Jesus my life was like a treadmill. Chasing after what I thought of as success - money and stuff. When I met Jesus I fell in Love. He gave me ears to hear and eyes to see. I had been walking around a dead man and didn't even know it. He changed my heart and showed me what was important - people and relationships. He continues to show me wonderful things about himself and his creation.