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Tarresa - 2023Classroom Management & Care Coordinator

Since 2010

Who I am:

I have been married to my husband Cameron since 1990, and we have three wonderful sons, two fabulous daughters-in-law, and three beautiful grandbabies. I was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. We have been at Bridgeway since 2004, and I began volunteering with elementary kids shortly after. I was a Respiratory Therapist and practiced in a long-term critical care facility until 1997 when I was in an auto accident, and the Lord answered my prayers for my desire to be a stay-at-home mom. Since then, He changed my direction as I was passionate about children and our hurting children. I have since continued my education and learning in Trauma Care and how to make our classrooms safe places, train and equip our teachers, and help aid our children.

What I do:

Building relationships with our children to build trust in our children who are hurting is so important to me so that these children can have stability and see the Gospel played out in our interaction. Giving the children the tools they need to learn how to express feelings and needs in a healthy way and giving the teachers the tools to recognize the needs brings a peaceful, loving environment where all children can hear and learn about Jesus.

What God did:

After suffering a head trauma so severe that I should not be alive, God not only saved my life, eyesight, and so much more, but He set me on a road of seeking more of Him and laying myself down to be used by Him.