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Tim's Story

When Pastor Sam challenged the church to do a week long fast I became real emotional. I knew that God was calling me into the fast. My wife and I got into the car to go home from church, and she asked me what I thought and I started crying. I told her what I thought God was showing me about the fast. On Monday I went to the church to pray and when I walked into the sanctuary I started to cry again. I have done several fasts but never have been so emotional.

There were several things I knew I was fasting for; Bob Willis, a friend of mine having some health issues, and a job. On Tuesday our daughter called us. She said that she had been having tremors in her hands, extreme headaches, and tiredness. It had gotten so bad that she had gone to a doctor. The doctor had ruled out what she could with blood tests and now they were possibly looking at a brain tumor, MS, or Parkinson's. Our daughter is only 27 with a husband and 3 young chil dren, 2 year old twins and a 1 year old. The thought of what any of those diagnosis' could mean to their family was devastating. I now knew why I had been so emotional.

I continued to pray and fast for two more weeks. They finally did a MRI, and it was normal. PRAISE THE LORD!!. Our daughter finally got into a Neurologist, and he ruled out MS and Parkinson's. There is still some nerve/muscle issues that they are trying to figure out but nothing as serious as was thought. And if this was not a big enough miracle, a friend called me and said he knew someone who was looking for a new employee. I called the gentleman and we met that day. Within 4 days I was offered a job that I will start soon. It seems to be the opportunity that I have been looking for. I am grateful that God has shown Himself so mightily on my behalf.

-Tim Couch

(submitted 3.8.14)