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Tom Ball


Since 1994

I've been married to my wife Pam for 44+ years, and I'm a father to 3 adult children - Zach, Adriane, and Travis. We also have 3 wonderful grandchildren. I enjoy fly fishing the rivers of the USA, especially in the Rocky Mountains. I've recently retired from dentistry after 44 years.

I'm a founding elder of Bridgeway who loves God's word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I've served in church leadership for 43 years and love God's church. God planted a deep love in my heart for his church many years ago and that has only increased with time and the opportunity to see all his gifts manifested in so many ways through his people. Getting to tell of his marvelous works and deeds to the next generations drives my passion as well as giving me the opportunity to pray for many people and see God do so many things in the lives of people while bringing glory to himself.