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Tori's Story

On September 20, 2003, at the age of 17, I started on a long journey with chronic abdominal pain.

I was in and out of the doctor's office being poked and prodded every week and pumped with medications for a plethora of different ailments that could possibly answer my problem. Nothing seemed to be working and the surgeries started shortly after I graduated from high school, and by my Sophomore year of college I had a handful of surgeries under my belt all with no answer from doctors from Mayo to Denver and even my hometown.

My family and many close friends spent time in prayer for answers and healing. I spent hours looking for answers and praying that God would grant me peace. In my darkest moments I screamed at God and didn't understand his purpose in how he could possibly think I could handle this. I found hope in David's cries in the Psalms and comfort in Paul's letter to Corinth. With doctors' help I took pain management classes, so that I could try and live out my 20's with some semblance of normalcy. Some days the pain was worse and on others it was just a constant reminder that I needed to rest and not wear myself out.

On February 13, 2014 I spent some time reading in Exodus about how Pharaoh finally let Israel go after all of the plagues, and I was overcome with how God really started teaching Israel patience and faith while they sat around waiting in Egypt. I realized that this reflected my own struggles and how many areas where God was asking me to be patient and put my faith in him. One of these areas was my chronic pain.

While at work later that afternoon I was approached by a man I had never seen or met in my life. He told me his name was Brian, and that the Lord had told him to come and speak to me. He proceeded to pinpoint the exact area where I was in pain that day, and as I poured his drink he prayed over me that I may be healed. During this moment a warm sensation filled my body and I started to tingle in the area where I had been in pain and my pain was taken away! I was overwhelmed, joyful and shaking that after so many years God had healed me of this pain!

What a blessing to have an obedient servant for our Lord in Brian who walked up to a stranger and without fear prayed and shared his faith and vision from God. We serve a healing, powerful, and patient God! I am so blessed to be called His child and ever more called to share this story with those I come in contact with! God answered my prayers and taught me so much in those years of patience. He found me in my cries and darkest moments and healed me of my sin and of my pain!

-Tori Goben

(submitted 2.18.14)