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Important Update: Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic, Vision2020 plans and fundraising will be put on hold until further notice. All funds raised will be kept in a dedicated fund to be used toward the Vision2020 project when we are able to continue this effort! Thank you for your generous support!

Our Mission and Vision is clear. 

We believe God is calling us to grow the ministry of Bridgeway Church, not just maintain it. In order to permanently expand and sustain our ministries, we must increase our financial resources to faithfully achieve what we believe God has called us to. 

Vision 2020

Our goal is to raise funds above and beyond our regular giving to impact three crucial areas of ministry: church planting, people, and facilities. 

In our spiritual family, we view giving through the lens of the gospel: Because Jesus gave his life for us, we joyfully give our money, time, and lives for others. We want to be commissioned disciples fully changed by the Gospel of Jesus. By joyfully giving, we declare Jesus is Lord of every dimension of our lives. 


We will fund church plants locally and globally. We are committed to planting churches that plant churches. This is the way the gospel spreads and how the Great Commission can be accomplished. In 2019 we sent 4 families to the nations, mainly through the generous support of people at Bridgeway. We also now have plans and systems in place to continue equipping local church plants and sending people to the nations to proclaim the Gospel.


We will hire more people ready to dedicate their lives to full-time ministry.  We know that people are the highest expense in any organization, but also the most important. In 2019 we were able to reorganize our staff, hire new people, and create new staff positions to serve and minister in our body (such as a Prayer Ministry Coordinator, Director of Family Ministries, Director of Communications and a Mobilization team, to name a few!) We were also able to unfreeze our ministry budgets so that our pastors can do more in their ministries.


We will be more welcoming to our guests. We're grateful for our debt-free facilities, and feel called to this location. We've been in our building for twenty years and this means there are several needed repairs and upgrades in order to be more hospitable. We want to alleviate any physical obstacles to connection and make Bridgeway the most welcoming place people visit throughout the week. We also want to increase the security, functionality, and cohesiveness of our Kid's spaces so families can enter confidently, connect quickly and engage in what God is doing.


In 2020 we want to focus on dedicating resources to our FACILITIES. 

We have contracted with SPACE, an architectural firm based in Edmond that works with churches around the country. We are still in the early planning phases, but some of the possibilities include: 

  • Reconfiguring and expanding the front lobby
  • New carpet, chairs, wall treatments and lighting for the Auditorium
  • Redesigning the Kids hallways & enhancing security
  • Renovating the backroom lighting, sound booth, and kitchen
  • New flooring in the back hallway
  • Updating all bathrooms

You can give to the Vision 2020 fund, above and beyond your regular giving either in person, by marking Vision2020 on your check or envelope at the offering stations, or you can give online and select Vision2020 from the dropdown menu.

We are excited for the next 20 years of Exalting Christ in this city at Bridgeway Church, and hope you’ll prayerfully consider joining us by investing in the future of our ministry.