Our Mission and Vision is clear. 

We believe God is calling us to grow the ministry of Bridgeway Church, not just maintain it. In order to permanently expand and sustain our ministries, we must increase our financial resources to faithfully achieve what we believe God has called us to. 

Vision 20/20

Our goal is to increase regular giving by $1 million this year to impact three crucial areas of ministry: church planting, people, and facilities. 

In our spiritual family, we view giving through the lens of the gospel: Because Jesus gave his life for us, we joyfully give our money, time, and lives for others. We want to be commissioned disciples fully changed by the Gospel of Jesus. By joyfully giving, we declare Jesus is Lord of every dimension of our lives. 


We will fund church plants locally and globally. We are committed to planting churches that plant churches. This is the way the gospel spreads and how the Great Commission can be accomplished. We want to be ready to move quickly as leaders are raised up, and immediately fund new church plants well.


We will hire more people ready to dedicate their lives to full-time ministry. We want to hire new staff positions (Pastor of Community & Discipleship and various administrative support) to do the work of this ministry. We know that people are the highest expense in any organization, but also the most important. We also want to unfreeze our ministry budgets so that our pastors can do more in their ministries.


We will be more welcoming to our guest. We want to use our building to glorify God by creating a welcoming environment for our guests. We're grateful for our debt-free facilities, but we've been in our building for twenty years. This means there are several repairs and upgrades we need to make in order to be more hospitable.



We are ready to move forward in expanding our ministry, we just need the resources to do so. As a member of our spiritual family, will you help us? 

  • If you are already giving: Thank you! Will you prayerfully consider how you could increase your regular giving to see our ministry expand?
  • If you are not giving yet: Will you use this as an opportunity to start?
  • Please let us know what you’re committing to give by filling out the form below. We’ll begin praying for you and send you a few notes of encouragement throughout the year.