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Worship points to the vertical dimension of our Christian experience. We look upward to God and our fundamental responsibility to know, love and honor him.


Intimacy with the Father

When true intimacy characterizes any relationship, both parties not only know the other but long to be known. They desire not only to love the other but to enjoy the love the other has for him/her. Our aim, therefore, is that this would be true in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, as we experience the liberating and life-changing joy of intimate fellowship with him.

Christ-centered worship

Jesus is central and supreme in our affections and thus also in the praise and adoration that we express during times of both corporate and personal worship. We long to see and savor the supremacy of Christ in all things, a passion that gives shape to how we worship him.


The power of the Spirit

We believe in the power of the Spirit today, not only in enabling us to grow in holiness and conformity to Christ but also in the miraculous work that is seen in the many spiritual gifts that he bestows. It is the Spirit, in fact, who enables intimacy with the Father and empowers worship of the Son.


Celebration of the sacraments

God has commanded that his people regularly celebrate two sacraments or ordinances: Believer’s Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Water baptism symbolizes our entrance into spiritual life and through the Lord’s Supper we are nourished and sustained within it.


Sacrificial giving

We celebrate the joy of giving in support of the Church and the expansion of God’s kingdom, always quick to acknowledge that what we give we have first received from our Heavenly Father.